Cartersville City Government and Police Department

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cartersville City Government and Police Department

In 1917, Cartersville became the first city in Georgia to adopt a form of government in which the City Council appoints a City Manager to supervise the city’s daily operations. The City Manager reports directly to the Mayor and the City Council who are elected officials. City taxes are used to provide all utility services to residents and to support the Cartersville City Schools system, which was the first school system to be chartered in Georgia. Cartersville City Hall is located at 10 North Public Square, (770) 387-5600.

Planning & Development implements Cartersville’s Comprehensive Plan

The Planning & Development department coordinates all planning, zoning, and construction in Cartersville to assure compliance with the city’s Comprehensive Plan. Goals of the plan are to revitalize downtown business development, encourage the restoration of existing commercial and residential properties to preserve Cartersville’s appearance, and to develop land use policies that combine beauty with functionality to enhance and protect Cartersville’s historic and natural areas. Four historic districts have been designated; the Downtown Business District, Olde Town Residential District, West End Residential District and Cassville-Cherokee Residential District.

Cartersville encourages economic development

The Downtown Development Authority at 1 Friendship Plaza, (770) 607-3480, implements polices based on the National Main Street Center’s goals for improving the physical appearance of the downtown commercial district, actively marketing the commercial district's assets to customers, potential investors and new businesses, and finding innovative ways to develop environmentally sensitive design management systems that involve long-term planning. The Downtown Development Authority works together with the Cartersville-Bartow County Department of Economic Development at 122 W. Main Street, (770) 382-1466, to encourage the development of tourism and establish Cartersville as a favorite destination for visitors who seek a variety of recreational, historical and cultural opportunities.

Cartersville Police Department

With 54 full time police officers, the Cartersville Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible with rapid responsiveness, professional ability and courtesy. Through ongoing training, education, and by utilizing the most advanced technology, Cartersville’s Police Department strives to attain the highest standards of service to the community. The Police department is located at 178 W. Main Street. For information and all other non-emergency calls, the contact phone number is 770-382-2526. To report fires and other life threatening emergencies, call 911.

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