Cartersville Education

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cartersville Education

The Cartersville City Schools system consists of four award-winning, high achieving schools, and it was the first school system to be chartered in the State of Georgia.. In 2006, the Cartersville Board of Education developed a five year strategic plan for the school system that emphasizes student achievement, effective internal and external communication, efficient operations, and accountability of school district employees. Cartersville City Schools’ mission is to prepare students with the knowledge and the skills that will be necessary for them to live successful and productive lives. The curriculum includes all general areas of academic study and encourages involvement in competitive sports, the fine arts and civics clubs. The administrative offices for Cartersville City Schools are located at 15 Nelson Street, Cartersville, and their contact phone number is (770) 382-5880.

Cartersville City Schools - Primary School through High School

Cartersville Primary School begins with Pre-Kindergarten and continues through second grade. At Cartersville Elementary School, the education curriculum for third grade through fifth grade emphasizes reading, mathematics, languages, science and social studies, and also includes music, art and physical education. Cartersville Middle School encourages students from sixth grade through eighth grade to diversify their interests into areas such as technology, choral music and various personal skills, and also to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

At Cartersville High School, students from ninth grade through twelfth grade are challenged with a broad curriculum that includes eight different classes each year and the opportunity to earn College Prep and Career Tech diplomas. Advanced placement courses are offered in English, math, history, science and foreign languages. Technical career programs include business and information technology, automotive technology, drafting and graphic arts. Athletic sports programs and extra-curricular activities cover almost all areas of student interest so that students at Cartersville High School can receive a well rounded education.

Georgia Highlands College is located in Cartersville

Georgia Highlands College is part of the University System of Georgia and its 100,000 sq. ft. facility includes a large library, biology and physics laboratories with the latest technological advances, and a continuing education computer lab. Approximately 1,500 students attend Georgia Highlands College Cartersville at 19 Gilmer Street, and their contact phone number is (770) 387-3775.

The Cartersville Main Street Library at 429 W. Main Street is a wonderful resource for students and anybody else who is interested in learning. The library is part of the Bartow County Library System and its resources include 77,477 books, 593 audio tapes and 2,614 video tapes.

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